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We are a conservation and environmentalist group who advocates for a radical remake of modern civilization. In some sense, the modern world has produced wonders which can hardly be compared with other ages. This has something to do with breakthroughs in science and economics, which has been fuelled by an exponential population growth. In fact, the exponential curve works behind the scene in many areas of contemporary society.

But, as we know, exponential curves will someday reach its peak, where after it will stagnate. An especially important area of exponential curves is found in the economy. This interconnected world that we live in only works because the economy keeps expanding. As we see in times of financial crises, any inflictment on the growth in the economy sector have ghastly consequences for the entire world.

That is the paradox of the modern world. The growth in itself makes our civilization vulnerable. This civilization does not know of stability. Stability is not growth. Growth is the anti-thesis of stability. But in our society, we often view them synonymously. Rather, stability is the ability to endure through the centuries. Our society does not know stability. In another sense, stability, in the context of modern economics, would be another term for decline or stagnation. Real stability, however, is the ability to enjoy the fruits of one’s labour over and over again.

In man’s quest for power, pleasure, and excitements of all sorts, we have forgotten that basic moral pattern which is termed asceticism. This is a value which has been primal across all great civilizations until our current time. Now, instead, we have become hedonists, which basically means that the goal of our life’s is the pursuit of pleasure. That is a profound ethical mistake, that is also bringing this civilization on the verge of collapse.

Nowhere is this more clearly seen than in our treatment of the natural world. That is why this group has been formed. First and foremost, and the most important thing any group could advocate in this century, is the conservation and expansion of the natural world.

Here at the Wilderness Conservation Movement we take a holistic approach to environmentalism. We see man and nature not as two separate substances. Man is a product of nature, and cannot as such be separated from it. Nature gave birth to us, so we are a part of nature. At the same time, nature is greater than humanity, because we are just one part of a greater wholeness. That is why we should show humility and reverence before our Mother Nature.

Though cruel she can be, our spiritual welfare and prosperity is interconnected with nature, and therefore we suffer in equal proportions with nature. Whether subconsciously or not. We believe that nature, such as trees, mountains and rivers are endowed with a sort of material soul or consciousness.

That is why nature is important. Not only do we depend on it materially, we are bound with it in a bond of conscience and love. Even further, nature is these things, but it is not reducible to just these things. We see nature as a good in itself. Something that we need to protect from ourselves, for itself.

Join us in our fight to preserve nature today.